Evansville Schools Building New Offices From Storage Containers

Due to the popularity of the after school reading program the offices where it was housed have become too small to accommodate all the employees. When the program was started it was not expected to be a large undertaking. In original estimates the program was expected to grow very slowly. The amount of growth it has seen in the last 6 months was not expected until years into the future. This quick growth means that the small office facilities were quickly outgrown and new offices needed to be built. The program was left to figure out a way to continue running the program while the new offices were being built.

For the meantime the offices will have to be moved into storage containers instead of simply placing all the office furniture into the containers and finding other temporary offices or shutting them down during the move. With the popularity of the program the idea of shutting the program down was not a viable option. Using the containers as offices allowed for the program to remain operational while the new larger offices are being built. This arrangement means that all the children who participate in the program will not have to experience a break in their new activities.

By purchasing these storage containers the after school program has ensured that they will be able expand in order to keep up with the growth of the program. By owning the containers they can always be put to future use as extra storage for supplies or they can once again become temporary offices until more permanent solutions can be reached. If this rate of program growth continues there may be a time in the future that more office space will be needed again. This new after school program hopes that with all this potential for easy growth there is a potential to help children improve their education for many years.